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Is Your Dog Stiff?

Does She Have Trouble
With Stairs, etc.?

Does He Limp Sometimes?


Older dogs (and some young ones too) can benefit GREATLY with Liquid Glucosamine.

100% Money Back GUARANTEE

  • Synflex is 100% safe and natural
  • BEWARE of prescription drugs
  • Very inexpensive
  • No pills or capsules
  • Just one daily dose on food




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Info about dog arthritis - Does your canine suffer from it?

Almost all dogs will develop canine arthritis at some time in their life. Older dogs have it to some degree. The symptoms could be as mild as minor stiffness to a completely incapacitating state of not even being able to get up from a prone or sitting condition. We have had many dogs and they all have exhibited arthritis in different ways. Before getting into more of those specifics, I will address here exactly what dog arthritis is and how it can affect your dogs.

The type of arthritis I am addressing here is called osteoarthritis. It is exactly the type of arthritis that humans usually develop in later years. As a side note, there is another form of arthritis called rheumatoid arthritis that both humans and dogs can suffer from. This form of the disease is completely different than the osteo form. Rheumatism is an auto immune disease that can strike at any age and results in the body’s immune system attacking its own body’s joints. In this case, Synflex, or any other glucosamine, is of little use in helping control the disease.

How Canine Arthritis Hurts Your Dog

Canine osteo-arthritis that affects so many older dogs occurs simply when the cartilage in the joints begins to break down. This is normal and natural in all older dogs and humans. Sometimes the cartilage, which is used to cushion the areas between the ball and socket of the joint, breaks down and becomes so thin that the bones will actually rub together. Since bone tissue is living and filled with nerves, this causes pain. Also, the breakdown of the cartilage in the dog’s joints can cause less mobility within the joint. Synflex can greatly help with this type of arthritis because the joint cartilage tissue uses glucosamine (which is naturally produced in the body) to build this tissue. As a canine ages, it helps to supply the dog with a glucosamine supplement. With these building blocks, the dog can build better cartilage. Oftentimes pet owners can see dramatic results in just a few months after giving their pets a daily dose of Syn Flex liquid glucosamine. By the way, using the liquid form of the supplement is MUCH easier and more effective than giving pills or capsules.

Required Dosing Information

One of the biggest mistakes pet owners do after deciding to give their animal the supplement is that they quit the process too soon. As I said earlier, it can take several months for the body to regenerate the broken down cartilage within the dog’s joints. It is important to give the 1500mg dose of glucosamine daily to your dog. (Smaller dogs require less than that. The bottle comes with instructions about the dosing requirements and there is an easy to pour measuring spout on each bottle. For very small dogs, simply ask for a free measuring dropper in the “comments” section of your secure online order form.)

We Offer Safe And Effective
Dog ToothPaste Too

Warning: Read this before asking your vet for expensive and potentially dangerous teeth scaling.

50,000 Pets Die Each Year
From General Anesthetic!

The safety of your pet is at risk with these types of dental cleanings that require general anesthetic. General anesthesia is much more risky for smaller animals like dogs. Unfortunately, the risk greatly increases with older canines that may need teeth cleaning the most.

Also, consider the cost of teeth scaling. It's expensive! We have heard reports that some vets in different parts of the country charge up to $500 for a single cleaning. And they suggest the procedure yearly.


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100% money back guarantee

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Petzlife Gels and Oral Care Sprays Are Veterinarian Approved.

  • Removes Plaque and Tartar
  • Reverses Gum Disease
  • Cures Bad Breath
  • 100% Guarantee
  • Completely Safe
  • Inexpensive

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It simply is not worth risking your pet's life when there is a safe and extremely effective alternative which you can do for your canine yourself.

By the way, another negative issue with scaling is the need for antibiotics after the process. These too are expensive and can cause stomach distress for your pet in some cases

Our dog tooth paste is completely safe. There are virtually no risks or side effects associated with the teeth cleaning gel or spray. They are made with all natural products which will not harm your canine or feline.

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Customer Testimonials

Directions For Dog Dental Care:

In the beginning, apply the gel or spray twice a day until the tartar is removed.

Once the tartar is removed by the canine tooth paste (usually in 30 days unless the buildup is severe) try applying it just 2 to 3 times a week. In most cases this will keep your dog's teeth clean and healthy. Some breeds and individual canines differ however; those may require 3 to 5 applications weekly.

Dog toothpaste (gels) application: Simply measure the approximate amount of gel for your sized dog (see the chart). Use your finger to rub the gel onto the dog's gum line. There is no need to try and cover the entire mouth exactly every time; she will begin licking it and spread the gel everywhere. If she balks at the application process, simply take a few days to slowly get your dog used to the bottle, smell and the process. If needed, add some favorite treats into the process as your dog is exposed to the bottle and toothpaste if he first resists. Any canine can be taught to accept the process if sufficient patience is provided...and your pet is worth the time!

Gel Application: Remember, BRUSHING IS NOT REQUIRED. Using a dog tooth brush can accelerate the process, but it is not required. Simply make sure the toothpaste is spread onto your dog's teeth the best you can and her licking will do the rest.

It is best to withhold water and food from your dog for at least 30 minutes after application. It's OK to apply it at bed time if she or he usually does not need a drink during the night.

Spray application: Hold the dog's lip up and spray directly onto the gum line area. Here again, she will do most of work by licking the spray around her mouth.

Which is best? The Petzlife tooth spray or dog toothpaste gel? Either will work. For removing the tartar, the gel will usually work faster. That's the only real difference in how the products work to remove tartar. After the tartar is removed, it's really up to you and your animal. Either will work to keep the teeth clean. Some pets may resist the hiss of the spray. In those cases, the solid form may be the best choice.

Salmon or Peppermint? Which is best? We've had some anecdotal reports that salmon is the best choice. It's thought the salmon oil may act faster in dissolving the plaque. Some pet owners believe their dogs may not like "peppermint" taste. Surprisingly, that's simply not true. Cats may in fact prefer the taste of the salmon teeth paste, but most dogs generally will accept either.

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Completely Natural Ingredients
petzlife gel ingredients

Grape Seed Extract
This helps to prevent and remove plaque and decrease and even eliminate gum and oral disease. The active ingredient is Proanthocyanidius.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
The extract is high in vitamin C and E extract. It works as an alkalizing agent, lowers inflammation in the gums and enhances the immune functionality.

Grain Alcohol
This is in VERY VERY low doses which are safe for cats and canines. It's an anti bacterial agent and helps holds the other ingredients in proper suspension. It also acts as a catalyst for the dog toothpaste and spray's other ingredients. This amount is so low it will not hurt your pet.

Thyme Oil
Acts as an anti microbial agent which prevents tooth decay, bad breath and gingivitis.

Neem Oil
Keeps bacteria from attaching to a tooth. It's the bacteria that cause the plaque buildup. This will reverse and prevent diseases of the gums. It's a natural breath freshener too!

Peppermint Oil
This has antiseptic properties and also helps eliminate doggy breath. It contains fatty acids, Vitamin C and A, and omega 3 fatty acids

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