Flexicose Glucosamine and Lifestyle Changes are Safe Dog Arthritis Treatments

Almost all dogs, as they age, will suffer from canine arthritis to some degree. Many dogs' quality of life is severely affected by the disease. Although many dogs are put on prescription medications (sometimes dangerous for the dog!), pet owners should be aware of safer alternatives for treating the joint disease. Flexicose liquid glucosamine and lifestyle changes for the dog can offer significant relief from osteoarthritis symptoms.

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What is Canine Arthritis and How Does it Happen? Is There a Cure?

Dog osteoarthritis is almost identical to human osteoarthritis. Unfortunately, there is no cure for either. However, the symptoms can be minimized with proper treatment.

Arthritis occurs when the cartilage (the cushion between the bones in joints) becomes thin or damaged. When this happens, the bones in the joint can rub together. This causes pain, inflammation, and stiffness in the joint.

For natural treatments, if the cartilage can be repaired to some degree, arthritis symptoms will decrease in severity. Likewise, if less stress is applied to the joints (weight loss or proper exercise for  example), the symptoms will also decrease.

How Glucosamine Can Ease Sore Joints in Dogs Safely and Naturally

Glucosamine is a natural substance found in many foods. Thus, it's a very safe supplement for canines. One of the main building blocks of joint cartilage is glucosamine. When cartilage begins to thin and degenerate in older dogs, extra glucosamine can aid in rebuilding and repairing damaged cartilage in the joints. Simply put, improving the quality of cartilage can ease the symptoms of canine arthritis.

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Simple Ways to Help Dogs With Arthritis

One of the easiest (and most important) ways dog owners can help their old canines who suffer from joint disease is to ensure their pets are not over weight. Extra and unneeded weight adds extra stress to arthritic joints. Older dogs, just like people, often tend to gain weight with age. Pet owners should begin weighing their pets regularly as they age in order to be on the lookout for weight gains. It's much easier to prevent added weight than it is to lower extra pounds after they are already added.

Proper exercise is another factor which can ease joint arthritis symptoms in canines. Proper exercise can add muscle tone. Improved muscle tone will help hold the joint bones in the proper positions...thus helping ensure healthier and less painful joints.